lampost-image2Lampost Construction Components Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of quality steel lighting columns and accessories for all lighting requirements. Our product range includes tapered folded sheet steel columns up to 35m, “Easy-Reach” raising and lowering columns up to 18m and stepped tubular columns in a variety of configurations. Columns can be planted root type or flange mounted. A full range of compatible brackets and accessories is also
available. Lampost Construction has developed in-house computer software for the design of its lighting columns. Detailed column design calculations can be carried out and verified. This allows the optimum combination of material grade, material thickness and column dimensions to be selected. Detailed calculations and other information is available on request. Lampost’s columns are designed andmanufactured in accordance with the latest European standards. Columns upto 20m in height are governed by I.S. EN40 and by additional requirements of the National Roads Authority Specification for Road Works.

lampost-image3High mast columns are designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Lighting Engineers. Specific requirements of Local Authorities and public utility companies are also incorporated into the design and manufacturing process.

At Lampost we recognise the need to achieve and maintain quality standards in the design and manufacture of our products. Our quality assurance procedures are of paramount importance in all areas of our operation. Lampost’s quality system is approved by NSAI to
I.S. EN ISO 9001:2000 for the design and manufacture of lighting columns and accessories.
We take pride in the personal service we offer clients, and are constantly
developing and seeking to improve our product range.